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# Copyright 2014, Sandia Corporation. Under the terms of Contract
# DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government retains certain
# rights in this software.

"""Functionality for working with CSS style information."""

import numbers

import numpy

import toyplot.color

[docs]def require(css, allowed): """Validate that an object is usable as CSS style information. Parameters ---------- css: dict or None The style dictionary to be validated. An exception will be raised if it is not a valid style dictionary or None. allowed: sequence of strings The set of allowed style properties. An exception will be raised if `css` contains any keys that aren't in this sequence. Returns ------- style: dict The validated style dictionary. """ if css is None: return css if not isinstance(css, dict): raise ValueError("Expected a dictionary of CSS styles or None, received %s." % css) # pragma: no cover for key, value in css.items(): if key not in allowed: raise ValueError("Not an allowed CSS style: %s. Use one of: %s" % (key, ", ".join(allowed))) # pragma: no cover if isinstance(value, numpy.ndarray) and value.dtype == toyplot.color.dtype: css[key] = toyplot.color.to_css(value) return css
[docs]class allowed(object): """Defines groups of allowable CSS property names.""" #: Allowable CSS property names for filling areas. fill = set([ "fill", "fill-opacity", "opacity", "stroke", "stroke-dasharray", "stroke-opacity", "stroke-width", ]) #: Allowable CSS property names for stroking lines. line = set([ "opacity", "stroke", "stroke-dasharray", "stroke-linecap", "stroke-opacity", "stroke-width", ]) #: Allowable CSS property names for :ref:`markers`. marker = set([ "fill", "fill-opacity", "opacity", "stroke", "stroke-opacity", "stroke-width", ]) #: Allowable CSS property names for text. text = set([ "alignment-baseline", "baseline-shift", "fill", "fill-opacity", "font-family", "font-size", "font-weight", "line-height", "opacity", "stroke", "stroke-opacity", "stroke-width", "text-anchor", "text-decoration-line", "text-shadow", "-toyplot-anchor-shift", "-toyplot-text-layout-box-visibility", "-toyplot-text-layout-line-visibility", "-toyplot-text-layout-visibility", "-toyplot-vertical-align", ])
[docs]def combine(*styles): """Combine multiple style specifications into one. Parameters ---------- styles: sequence of :class:`dict` instances A collection of dicts containing CSS-compatible name-value pairs. Returns ------- styles: :class:`dict` containing CSS-compatible name-value pairs. """ computed_style = {} for style in styles: if style is not None: computed_style.update(style) return computed_style
[docs]def parse(css): """Parse a CSS style into a dict.""" result = {} for declaration in css.split(";"): if declaration: key, value = declaration.split(":") result[key] = value.strip() return result
def _color_fixup(styles): """It turns-out that many applications and libraries (Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Qt) don't handle CSS rgba() colors correctly. So convert them to CSS rgb colors and use fill-opacity / stroke-opacity instead.""" if "fill" in styles: color = toyplot.color.css(styles["fill"]) if color is not None: opacity = float(styles.get("fill-opacity", 1.0)) styles["fill"] = "rgb(%.3g%%,%.3g%%,%.3g%%)" % ( color["r"] * 100, color["g"] * 100, color["b"] * 100) styles["fill-opacity"] = str(color["a"] * opacity) if "stroke" in styles: color = toyplot.color.css(styles["stroke"]) if color is not None: opacity = float(styles.get("stroke-opacity", 1.0)) styles["stroke"] = "rgb(%.3g%%,%.3g%%,%.3g%%)" % ( color["r"] * 100, color["g"] * 100, color["b"] * 100) styles["stroke-opacity"] = str(color["a"] * opacity) return styles
[docs]def to_css(*styles): """Convert one-or-more dicts containing CSS properties into a single CSS string.""" declarations = [] for key, value in sorted( _color_fixup(combine(*styles)).items()): if isinstance(value, numbers.Number): value = "{:.6g}".format(value) declarations.append("%s:%s" % (key, value)) return ";".join(declarations)