Source code for toyplot.marker

# Copyright 2014, Sandia Corporation. Under the terms of Contract
# DE-AC04-94AL85000 with Sandia Corporation, the U.S. Government retains certain
# rights in this software.

"""Functionality for managing markers (shapes used to highlight datums in plots and text).

import copy
import xml.sax.saxutils

import numpy


[docs]class Marker(object): """Represents the complete specification of a marker's appearance.""" def __init__(self, shape, mstyle, size, angle, label, lstyle): self._shape = shape self._mstyle = mstyle self._size = size self._angle = angle self._label = label self._lstyle = lstyle @property def shape(self): return self._shape @property def mstyle(self): return self._mstyle @property def size(self): return self._size @property def angle(self): return self._angle @property def label(self): return self._label @property def lstyle(self): return self._lstyle def __add__(self, other): if isinstance(other, str): return self.to_html() + other elif isinstance(other, toyplot.marker.Marker): result = copy.deepcopy(self) if other._shape is not None: result._shape = other._shape result._mstyle =, other._mstyle) if other._size is not None: result._size = other._size if other._angle is not None: result._angle = other._angle if other._label is not None: result._label = other._label result._lstyle =, other._lstyle) return result else: raise ValueError("Can't add toyplot.marker.Marker and %r" % other) # pragma: no cover def __eq__(self, other): return self._shape == other._shape and self._mstyle == other._mstyle and self._shape == other._shape and self._angle == other._angle and self._label == other._label and self._lstyle == other._lstyle def __hash__(self): return hash((self._shape, self._mstyle, self._size, self._angle, self._label, self._lstyle)) def __radd__(self, other): return other + self.to_html() def __repr__(self): return self.to_html() def __format__(self, format_spec): return self.to_html()
[docs] def to_html(self): """Convert a marker specification to HTML markup that can be embedded in rich text.""" return """<marker%s%s%s%s%s%s/>""" % ( " shape='%s'"% xml.sax.saxutils.escape(self._shape) if self._shape else "", " mstyle='%s'" % if self._mstyle else "", " size='%s'"% self._size if self._size else "", " angle='%s'" % self._angle if self._angle else "", " label='%s'" % xml.sax.saxutils.escape(self._label) if self._label else "", " lstyle='%s'" % if self._lstyle else "", )
[docs] def intersect(self, p): """Compute the intersection between this marker's border and a line segment. Parameters ---------- p: :class:`numpy.ndarray` with shape (2), required Relative coordinates of a line segment originating at the center of this marker. Returns ------- dp: :class:`numpy.ndarray` with shape (2) Relative coordinates of the intersection with this marker's border. """ if self._size: if self._shape in ["o", "oo", "o|", "o/", "o-", "o\\", "o+", "ox", "o*"]: p /= numpy.linalg.norm(p) p *= self._size / 2 return p if self._shape in ["s"]: u = numpy.max(numpy.abs(p)) p /= u p *= self._size / 2 return p if self._shape and self._shape[0] == "r": width, height = self._shape[1:].split("x") width = float(width) height = float(height) ap = numpy.abs(p) if ap[1]: if ap[0] / ap[1] > width / height: p = p / ap[0] * self._size * width / 2 else: p = p / ap[1] * self._size * height / 2 else: p = p / ap[0] * self._size * width / 2 return p return numpy.zeros((2,))
[docs]def create(shape=None, mstyle=None, size=None, angle=None, label=None, lstyle=None): """Factory function for creating instances of :class:`toyplot.marker.Marker`.""" return Marker(shape=shape, mstyle=mstyle, size=size, angle=angle, label=label, lstyle=lstyle)
[docs]def convert(value): """Construct an instance of :class:`toyplot.marker.Marker` from alternative representations.""" if value is None: return value if isinstance(value, Marker): return value if isinstance(value, str): return Marker(shape=value, mstyle=None, size=None, angle=None, label=None, lstyle=None) raise ValueError("Can't convert %r to toyplot.marker.Marker." % value) # pragma: no cover
[docs]def from_html(html): """Convert a parsed xml.etree.ElementTree representation of a marker to a :class:`toyplot.marker.Marker` object.""" size = html.get("size", None) if size is not None: size = float(size) angle = html.get("angle", None) if angle is not None: angle = float(angle) return Marker( shape=html.get("shape", None),"mstyle", "")), size=size, angle=angle, label=html.get("label", None),"lstyle", "")), )