toyplot/menus/context module

The toyplot/menus/context module provides functionality to display custom context menu entries when the user right-clicks over a figure.

toyplot/menus/context.add_item(label, show, activate)

Adds a new menu item to the context menu. Each menu item has a label, a callback to determine when item should be visible, and a callback to performe some action when the item is activated by the user. Typically, menu items are added by individual marks, and the visibility callback will show the item if the mouse pointer was over the mark when the context menu was opened. For example:

        // This item will always be visible.
        function show() { return true; }
        function activate() { console.log("Hello, World!"); }
        menus.add_item("Hello World!", show, activate);

Note that the Toyplot context menu will not be shown if there are no visible items. When this happens the system context menu will be shown instead.

  • label – Human readable string label for the menu item to be added.
  • show – Javascript callback function that will be called before the context menu is opened. The function must take one argument - the DOM event that is causing the context menu to be shown (such as a contextmenu or mousedown event). The callback should return true if the menu item should be visible, or false otherwise.
  • activate – Javascript callback function that will be called if the user selects this item.